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Scalpi Hair Refresher

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Scalpi helps to relief mother’s scalp problems during postpartum. It cleans up, nourishes, conditions, and strengthens while helping you look (and feel) amazing. It comes with 3 aroma scent: Jasmine, Rose & Lavender all made from 100% natural herbs!


▪️ Net Content: 60ml

▪️ Oil Control for Scalp

▪️ Relieving itchiness for scalp

▪️ Anti-Dandruff

▪️ Anti-Hairfall for Postpartum

▪️ Prevent scalp inflammatory



Who is suitable to use this product?

Post-partum mother that unable to wash hair during confinement period. 



Use it day and night and scrub it over your scalp for more better results. 


Main Ingredients:

Aloe Vera, Ginger and Wheatgerm.



Scalpi Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q : How many contents per bottle? 一瓶几ml?

A : Per bottle is 60ml. 一瓶60ml


Q : Can spray every day? Direct spray on the scalp? 可以每天喷吗?喷在头皮?

A : Yes. Spray directly on the scalp. Effectively nourish & repair hair follicles and cleanse the scalp.



Q : If the hair is oily, is Scalpi sprayed on the scalp or hair?

如果頭髮已出油, Scalpi 是喷在头皮还是头发上呢?

A : Open your hair and spray it on your scalp. Because hair oil is caused by oil from the scalp.



Q : How many pumps to use? Need to scrub after spray? 需要喷几下?喷完需要揉一揉吗?

A : Divide your hair into 4 parts and massage after spray.



Q : How many times does it take to spray one day? 一天大概需要喷多少次?

A: It is recommended to be use in the morning and evening time. Unless your hair is very itchy or oily, you may spray several times to soothe your scalp. This is 100% herbal ingredient and safe to use.

建议早晚1次。如果特别痒,特别油, 可以多喷几次。这是100%草药,安全使用。


QIs this dry cleaning shampoo? 这是干洗shampoo吗?

A : Scalpi is not a dry shampoo. It is a scalp repair and hair refresher that effectively relieves itching, controls oil, repairs irritated scalp & hair follicles, and nourishes the scalp.



Q : When is the expiry date? 有效日期到几时?

A : Valid for 2 years. 有效于2


Q : How many flavors does Scalpi have? Scalpi 有几种香味?

A : Scalpi has three fragrances: jasmine, lavender and rose, all made from 100% natural herbs.


Q : Can you spray after the confinement period? 做完月子还能喷吗?

A : Yes. This is the scalp and hair refresher, which effectively reduces hair loss and improves postpartum hair loss.



Q: How many bottles of Scalpi do you need to prepare? 需要准备多少瓶Scalpi

A: Recommend to prepare 2 bottles of Scalpi during confinement period. Postpartum hair loss recommended to prepare 4 bottles. Scalp care maintenance is recommended for 1 bottle every two months.



Q: Scalpi has a cold feeling when it is sprayed. Will I catch a cold after using it? Scalpi 喷的时候有冰凉的感觉,请问会着凉吗?

A: Scalpi contains a mint ingredient, so it will feel a little cool when you spray. Mint helps to relieve itching and calm the scalp. Post-partum mothers with a weak body try not to spray it under the fan or cold air.  


Once Scalpi is absorb to the scalp, the cold feeling will be gone. (p/s: If you are worried about getting cold, you can wear a confinement cap after spray) 


Scalpi含有薄荷成分,所以喷的时候会有一点凉凉的感觉。薄荷主要帮助止痒和镇定头皮。身体虚弱的产妇妈妈,喷的时候可以尽量不要在风扇或冷气低下喷。头皮 吸收后冰凉感觉就会没有了,也不会着凉。(p/s: 如果担心着凉可以准备月子帽)

Q: Scalpi can solve dandruff problem? 头皮屑的问题Scalpi 有效吗?


A: Scalpi is effective in solving dandruff problems. 

Scalpi 都有效帮助头皮屑问题。


Q: I am not a post-partum mother, can I still use it for scalp maintenance?  我不是在做月的,建议怎样使用?


A: You can use Scalpi twice a day in the morning and evening time after hair wash. If your scalp problem is serious at the beginning, it can be sprayed whenever its itchy. 


After using 1-2 bottles, scalp problems will be improved after using for one month. You may continue to use it for maintenance after that. One bottle can be used for 1- 2months. 




Q: Can I use Scalpi during pregnancy?  怀孕期间,可以用Scalpi 喷雾吗?


A: Scalpi Scalp Fresher Spray is made from 100% natural herbs. Safe use of pregnant women. 

Scalpi 头皮清新喷雾都是由100%天然草药制成。孕妇安全使用。



Q: Is it my hair will stop the oil out of my scalp after using Scalpi? 请问是不是用了Scalpi 头皮就不会出油呢?


A: Oil out from the scalp is a normal phenomenon to protect the scalp. Just overeating oil can cause various scalp problems. Scalpi contains ingredients that help control oil. (The scalp does not mean to keep oiling)


头皮出油乃是保护头皮的正常现象。只是过量出油会导致各种头皮问题。Scalpi 含有药材成分可以帮助控油。(头皮不会不停的冒油的意思)


Q: Will my scalp feels dry after spraying Scalpi? 请问头皮出油了,喷Scalpi 会变的干爽吗?

A: Scalpi contains no starch (because starch will clog the pores of the hair), so the scalp will not dry out, but Scalpi can effectively control the oil and control the scalp no longer constantly oil. 


Scalpi 不含淀粉的成分(因为淀粉会柱塞头发的细孔),所以头皮是不会变干爽,可是Scalpi 可以有效的控油,控制头皮不再不停的冒油。

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