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3D Cartoon Baby Socks (Anti-Skid)

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RM 5.90
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RM 5.90
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RM 9.90

3D Cartoon anti-skid baby socks is suitable for 0-12mths baby with the anti-skid rubber lining at the bottom of the socks that allows baby to walk around the house safely. And the super soft material is gentle to baby skin without feeling tight and hot.


Cute 3D Cartoon Design

Baby and mommy loves it!


Anti-skid material lining at the bottom 

Allows baby to walk around the house safely.


Soft Material 

80% Combed Cotton/ 12% Stretch Nylon/ 8% Spandex - that touch soft, breathable and sweat absorbent. Can wear either in air-Cond room or outdoor.


Suitable for 0-12mths baby 

Foot size of 11-14cm suitable for 0-12 mths baby.